The beginning

I guess I should give a preview of how this blog came about.

Two years ago I hit my personal rock bottom.  A time in my life I’d rather forget.  I was overweight, unemployed, unhappy and generally on a self destructive path to nothing good.  June 25, 2011 I hit the wall and on June 27th I began taking my life back.  I took my son and headed for the track and cursed my way through 1 mile.  1 mile which to me now seems so easy.  It wasn’t easy back then.  Back then it was nothing but pure hate for everything in every step I took.  With every step I shed a bit of self loathing.  With every mile I began healing.  With every day and every month that passed I began digging my way out of a vortex that was sucking me in almost faster than I could climb out.  One mile turned into 3 turned into road running and on to a few 5K’s then a few 10K’s.  I watched what I ate carefully, cut out bread & soda and ate a ton of veggies and chicken.  I lost 50 pounds over 6 months and began to feel good both mentally and physically.  It’s probably the first thing I have done for a million reasons that was 100% selfish.  I didn’t care what anyone thought and I didn’t ever lose sight of my goals.  Running saved my life without a doubt.  I started and I haven’t stopped.  When I feel discouraged about a run, I look back at June 25th and where I was and I smile and remind myself that I finished the run but more importantly I went out and ran.  I’ve wanted to run a half marathon for some time.  My husband has run them and inspired me to also.  I thought about it a lot and decided that I needed to just sign up and move forward, just like I climbed out of my hole.  That’s what I did.  I pressed the submit button before I could think about it and now I am headed into a new world to accomplish something awesome.   I am running with another first timer.  My friend Nubelia signed up to run with me and I am super excited about it!  She is a wonderful person and fun to be around so I know that this will be not only a journey but a memory too.   Hopefully as I document my days leading up to our race, she will too.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right.

Here’s to the next 103 days!




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