Hitting 100

100 milesWell, I’ve hit a milestone.  100 miles for the month of July.  That is huge for me!  Of course my better half hits 120 on a regular basis but I’m not there yet.  One day at a time.   It would have been nice to add just a few more miles to top it off  today but I am not feeling 100% so I am using this as a rest day.  I also have new sneaks that will carry me 13.1 miles on 10/26…coincidentally, 10/26 is also the day I quit smoking 26 years ago ..haha  must be a banner date for me or something.  Training starts Monday and it’s back to 2 and 3 miles for a few weeks.  That does not of course mean that I won’t sneak a weekly 6 or 8 miler in just for my own happiness.  Training should be rewarding shouldn’t it?  Well, here’s to the next 12 weeks and beyond.


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