Full steam ahead

juggling timeWell, summer activities are now officially over.  No more travelling for sports, just ramping up to get ready for school.  So I am now following “the plan” with the exception of the miles recommended.  I’m going to stay at 5 &6 for weekday runs but follow the long runs once per week for the most part.  Last night I huffed it through 8.8.  It was hot and a bit humid at 4:30 when I left but I kept the demons at bay and walked during the moments I was texting where I was….I like to keep the family informed on where I am and how I’m doing.  Courtesy in case something happens.  So I finished and felt better about the DQ Blizzard I gobbled up earlier in the day HAHA!  Today my daughter wants to start running.  She asked me to go with her to the track to run a mile or two.  I don’t consider this cheating on my schedule because of the distance and the slower pace I’ll have to take to stay with her….OOOOH I remember that pace well.   I was almost at 13 minutes when I stepped on the track that first time.  It was hard so I have lots of encouragement planned for her.  She looks up to me like I look up to Rob.   Nubelia, my running partner, has been very good running, just having trouble fitting them in.  Her child is young and can’t be left alone.  I’m lucky there because I can just say “going for a run kids” and head out the door for my time.  We’ll work it out, we just haven’t coordinated it yet.  We’ll get there.

Keep Running!


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