Only A Runner’s Dissapointment

disappointment vs realityRunners thought:  I used to think 5.5 miles was a long way to run.  That was when I was much fatter and out of shape.  Now I consider 5.5 an average run on the shorter side of what I really like to do which is between 8 and 10 miles.  Yesterday I was actually jealous of my husband’s 18 mile run because I thought that I could have pushed through the issue I was having.  probably not but after the possible crisis was over it didn’t seem quite so enormously critical.  Anyway I actually thought to myself, “Self, you should have kept running to get to 6 miles”.  I had thought that same thought on Saturday as well as I ran 9.6 which at one point would have blown my mind but has become a goal to smile about.  Saturday I stopped for no other reason than when I looked at my mapmyrun app, I thought I was at 9.96 instead of where I really was which was 9.56.  I wasn’t willing that day to keep going after I stopped.  Stuck in the mud I guess, but I kicked my ass all day for not hitting 10.  Some people who know me would think that I’m an idiot for being disappointed, but they don’t love running and they don’t understand.  It’s all yesterday’s disappointment.  In my life over the last 2.5 years I have learned to move on from MOST things.  Very few do I dwell on and the few that I do are for very good reasons.  ON to the next 68 days of training, good or bad I’m in it for the long haul.

Happy Running!


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