Steak and Cheese! An accidental surprise treat.

Today I had a steak and cheese sub for lunch!  SOOOOO yummy.  I ran today so I don’t worry about eating it and I even ate WHITE BREAD (half of it anyway).  I haven’t had steak and cheese for a while and I try to stay away from too much red meat and definately try not to eat any white bread if possible.  The steak and cheese was ordered because they didn’t have a chicken caesar salad in a pocket…ok, so steak and cheese was my second choice.  Then they didn’t have a wheat pocket (I guess when the subs are $3.99 for a footlong) you shouldsteak and cheesen’t be too choosy.  They do have about 2 dozen or so choices for subs and they do custom make anything you want so I won’t complain.  I did add onions and mushrooms.  Does that make it healthier?  I think not.  Anyway I did try to eat well when I first got there but everything seemed to lead me down the path of indulgence which I have tried very hard to avoid most times.  I must have needed red meat or something.  So I ate half the sandwich, the small half then scrapped the contents out of the bread and ate it out of a bowl and threw away the bread which was soggy from the ride back to work anyway.  All in all it was delicious….now I feel like I should go for a make up run after work!  LOL


Happy Running!


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