I might be a runner….I’m not sure.

Is it bad that I couldn’t wait to break last month’s total mileage?  LOL  I totally can’t wait to log in every day just to  see what I already know.  It’s like this big reward to see it climbing up every day.  Then, of course, the second thing I like to do is send my mileage to my boss who is running a half marathon in September.  HAHA  I just love keeping that guy motivated…cuz he totally isn’t!  I don’t know what I’ll do when I hit the number that is unbeatable….whatever it is.  It will probably be this big let down that I have to accept as the norm for me…kind of like my 9:15 mile.  It’s good for “someone my age” but it totally bugs me when I am slower than that and gives me this crazy high when I am under it.  I hate it when my phone isn’t charged at run time because then I can’t see my splits for each mile or the elevation even though I KNOW WHAT IT IS!  I just like seeing it.  I love when it’s time to run and hate it when it’s over, especially when Rob is running more miles.  It doesn’t matter that I might have just run 8 miles or 9.  If he’s running after I finish I just keep wishing I were still running.  I’ve even taken up running with my daughter who is just getting started and still at 1 and 2 miles. I’ll run after work even if I ran that morning.  I should probably be more concerned for my health but I drink water, eat well, stop when I need to and don’t have aches and pains….knock knock (on wood that is)

So given all of these things, I think I might be a runner?  LOL I hope I never stop.

Happy Running!

August’s totals- Makes me smile!




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