milestoneI always feel good about myself when I’m done with a run.  Even if it’s just 3 miles it still makes me feel accomplished for the day.  Some days it’s the only thing I DO get accomplished.  Sunday I finally hit a milestone that I’ve been eyeing for a few months.  10 miles!  I came close recently and stopped short of 10 but  not Sunday.  Sunday was all about reaching my goal.  It wasn’t about time (rarely is too much about that) and it wasn’t about pace (which wasn’t too bad actually).  It was merely about finishing, and I did.  So yay for me.  Now i’m in territory that is new and preparing me for October’s race.  My husband ran 20…..just SAY THAT out loud…20 miles.  UUGGGHHHH the thought of 20 miles all in one run is revolting to me at this point.  I really love where I am now.  I love running 5, 6, 7, 8 miles in a day.  I don’t see 20 in my future but then again I didn’t see 10 at one point not long ago either.  One never can tell about these things.



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