Stop Whining!

Warning No Whining Zone Neon Light Sign

This morning the thought of running in the humidity was just too much.  I admit it.  I woosed out and switched my days off from tomorrow to today.  I just didn’t want to struggle today.  Yah, give me some cheese with this wine will ya!  It may be raining tomorrow but I don’t really care.  If the air is remotely better than today then I’m all for it…. I still should have stuck to my program.  I even talked Rob into staying in this morning.  I guess that makes me a bad influence but it’s not like I’m taking tomorrow off too right??  INSERT WHINE HERE

Sunday’s have turned into my long runs with Rob.  Committing to a hard time to run is too hard for my running partner with a young child at home.  So luckily I have someone who doesn’t mind me tagging along.  It’s also good that his long runs are at a purposefully slow pace which usually meets my regular pace for a few miles at least.  Then his 34″ legs carry him down the road and I am in my zone with my music.  7 weeks to go until race day and I’m still excited about it.

Back to the routine tomorrow, no excuses and certainly NO WHINING!



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