Big Milestones- WOO HOO!




Ok, I haven’t posted in over a week BUT I have been faithful in my running and sticking to a routine program of two days off and almost always the same two days off each week.  This month I have run the most miles in one day that I have ever run and have successfully pushed the envelope further and further.  I’m pretty sure I’m ready for this race.  I feel really good about where I’m at and always am very happy when I’ve gone out and conquered a run, regardless of how far.  I look back at where I was the summer of 2011 and even one step is a successful day.  Sunday’s run was hard because it was a new route for me so the hills, although not harder than any I’ve run before, were new just the same.  They felt hard.  We planned the route so I would have several cut offs if I didn’t want to go the full 12…. bullshit!  I’m not quitting.  For a million reasons that mean nothing to anyone but me, I’M NOT QUITTING!!!  Quitting means going back to a very dark and lonely place that nearly cost me a lot.  I am going to do this race and inside my soul where no one can hear it, I’m going to shout “Fuck You! I did it and you can’t take it away from me!…  You’ll never get me, you’ll never break me, you’ll never be anything more than a bad memory  and you will never ever get close again”.

I’m strong and I’m my own kind of fabulous!  Bring on my 13.1 Miles Baby!

I’m Ready!

Happy Running.


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