13 is NOT an unlucky number!

Lucky13-rThis weekend I ran 13 for the first time!  woo hoo!  Thank you Rob, who ran with me,  for “suggesting” near the end of my run that a simple route change could get me to 13.  I thought about it for a second and knew I wanted to do it.  I knew I could do it but my mind wrestled with me on that.  Do I go for 13 before my race and take away the actual accomplishment of doing 13 for the first time or do I do it and KNOW FOR SURE on race day that I could.  I opted for B.  I was really tired when I finished and boy my legs were feeling it.  I know you shouldn’t compare yourself to marathoners but actually saying I was tired out loud in front of the guy who ran 26.2 in the cold and rain sounded like whining.

At the end of the day I feel so good about me.  Who the hell knew that I could do that?  Who ever thought that coming from a family of fat people that eat a half gallon of ice cream at a sitting would produce a marathoner?  I will be the first healthy person in my family to do anything like this…kind of like being almost the only one to graduate from high school too.  I am now getting excited to run this race.  I’ve only run 5K’s and 10k’s with far fewer runners than this race will have.  I’m a little nervous about the hills…hills kill me but I’m that person that will just keep going no matter what.  I want to run this in under 2 hours if I can but if I don’t I’ll settle for finishing and feeling great.

I promised myself that this race will mark the end of one part of my life and the beginning of another.  I meant it and I will use that day as the “thing” that drives me from now on, not the darkness that used to chase me.  Some may not understand that but I don’t care who does.  I do and that’s all that matters.  All I can say is thank God the Lord doesn’t charge for therapy sessions!  hahahahaha

11 days and counting .

Happy Running!


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