One of those weeks

My race was just a week ago and I’m already having “one of those weeks”.  What do I mean by that?  I am on day 3 in a row of not running….oh how I miss getting out there.  Let’s see, it wasn’t due to laziness but THAT’S NOT THE POINT!

Sunday – took the day off after the race

Monday – took a second day off just because I thought it might be a good idea, even though I didn’t reaaaaaly want to .

Tuesday- Ran yay!

Wednesday – scheduled off day (want to do M,W, F as gym days and T, Th, Sat and Sun as run days through the winter if possible)

Thursday – Halloween… dressed up ..not going out like this:

me 2013


Friday – raining at lunchtime and I was hungry…..stopped raining as soon as I was done.  😦  going to be very close to dark when I get home and Rob isn’t available to run with me… ANOTHER FREAKING DAY OFF!  not happy.

Running tomorrow if it kills me.  ….Just sayin’  I hope I don’t have many weeks like this!  JEEZ during training I didn’t miss a day and the weather seemed to cooperate.  Do you think God intervenes with running intentions to MAKE you rest even if you don’t want to?  HMMMMM could be.  Well, tomorrow is another new and perfect opportunity to attempt to get out there and run.


Happy Running


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