Back in the swing, albeit slowly

Well, it’s Monday and I feel like I’m back on track.  Last week was so wierd because I ran so few times.  Once in a week does not a happy Brenna make!  I will say that despite this hiccup in my schedule, which was probably for the best, I feel back on track.

I got a run in on Saturday with Honey.  I did actually get a run in on Sunday but didn’t think it would happen since it was raining earlier.  Yay boo yah for me!  Oh, by the way…. Honey and the kids bought this for me and it came in on Saturday..

13.1 baby! OOH doesn’t that baby look good!

Now I’m back to a routine of a different kind.  Maintenance and dedication without a race upcoming.  I am working on implementing a personal routine that incorporates 4 days of running if the winter permits and 3 days of weights.  I miss doing weights but the lure of a run is just too much for me to pass up.  But now I will put the two together and hope for the best

I want to do another half in the spring and then do the same half again in October next year.  I think that will be my annual race for sure.

The interesting thing that I’m working on now is seeing if my son will run the race in October with me.  He said he will but he doesn’t like running…. thinks it’s boring.  To me, that seems to be a problem.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if he did commit and train for a half with me??!!  That would be super awesome!  Stay tuned for those updates.  Training for that wouldn’t start until March.

So it’s good to be back to running several days in a week and I look forward to mixing it up a little.  Here’s hoping the winter cooperates!  HAPPY RUNNING!


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