A new routine

So my challenge now, which I’m looking forward to is settling in to a hybrid schedule.  My goal is to run Sun, Tues, Thurs and Sat with a weight / cross training routine on Mon, Wed and Friday.  Last week worked out well in terms of sticking to the routine and so far so good this week.  I’ve been very good at accepting 3-5 miles as where I’ll be for a while, although I can’t say I truly like holding back on the mileage.  The trade that has made it worth it is my gym routine.  I forgot how awesome I feel working out my other muscles and it has been really great getting back there.  I look forward to my gym days and my family has allowed me to have the hour to myself… I guess all I really ever had to do was ask but didn’t because you know how mom’s are…always putting everyone else in front of themselves.

I like to keep this picture on my desk where I can see it because it reminds me that when I looked like this I was miserable and more importantly I didn’t think I WAS that fat.



It keeps me focused on being diligent and not getting lazy.  It makes me want to eat more vegetables!  lol.

So my routine is:

Sunday– Run 3-5 miles..maybe 6 if I am ambitious


Monday– I do arms, abs and butt…love those squats!  have a picture of what I want my butt to look like this summer!  oooh, no softball this summer means ….MORE BEACH DAYS!  we’ve missed many beach days!

Tuesday– run at lunchtime 3-4.5 miles

Wednesday– I kick the hell out of our boxing bag and do more squats

Thursday – run at lunchtime 3-4.5 miles

Friday – back to weights and anything else I can think of.

Saturday– Run 3-5 miles..maybe 6

So things are settled down and now I will watch Rob train for another half marathon in December (BRRRR) ..a little bit jealous but really I would like to take on 2 per year.  One in early / late spring and the second will be a re-run of the same October half marathon that I did this year.  So many things to look forward to and so many that I am happy are buried and behind me.  I have come a long way and now look forward to the coming years with the smile that I thought I had lost.  I have days where I fall back a little and find myself grumbling about stuff I said was over but I bring myself back to center really quickly.  I know those moments will be less and less now.  Habits are hard to break, especially ones that consumed me for so long.



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