Running is like Daisies

Daisies are my favorite flower.  The stems might not be pretty and the leaves are not the biggest or as green and smooth as other flowers but I just love them.  They always make me smile.  I wish I had some right now because apparently the luster of my race has worn off and the early sunset and late sunrise are rather depressing snafu’s in my ability to keep a routine.  I need routine when it comes to running and fitness… it keeps me sane.  I have found over the last 3 weeks that there are days that I actually feel like running is a chore…scary to me because I never felt that way before.   Sunday I didn’t go because I was tied up until 4 …then it was raining and then it was dark.  All excuses that mean nothing to me.  I was given the opportunity to go but passed it up.  Not a good choice I fee, l but today is usually a day off that I’ll trade for yesterday’s failure.  I was late to work because Mr. sun came out for a moment and I said to myself that it will be a good day to go running….go get your stuff!  so I did.    I need to run this week because old shadows have gotten close to me and it’s too cold in there… I hate being cold because I was cold for a really long time.   I spent a long time making them go away but apparently can’t slow down just yet.  I have a lead on them but I need to put more distance between me and them.  They are close these last few days and I don’t like it.  So I will run at lunch to purge the thing that lures them close and be satisfied that all is well for another day.  I will slip on my running shoes and be flooded with the enticement of the pavement.  They tell me “Hey Bren, we’ll carry you and support you.  all you have to do is lace us up.”   It may be funny but I love that feeling of slipping them on.  Once they are on the day changes and becomes mine.  In my world the sun is out, there is a breeze  but it’s not windy and it’s always a good day to be out there with the fresh air.  Running is like Daisies, it always makes me smile.


POST SCRIPT:  I ran 3.18 miles today at 8:25 pace… 8:25!  since I’m a 9:15 pace person THAT put a smile on my face and drove the little black cloud back where it belongs for today anyway.  😉   See!   I told ya it works!  You have to just DO IT and reap the benefits.



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