Need I say more?

it will have to doNot too much to say this week.  It’s been cold and challenging to say the least in attempting to get out to run.  I’ve run twice in a week and I feel out of sync.  Thank goodness I’m filling in a couple of the gaps with my gym routine.   That helps keep me sane, however, run or gym is still challenging to fit in this week.  Christmas is in two weeks so time will only get more scarce.  I think that I will be running home and ignoring everyone for :45 minutes tonight just to get a workout in.  I’ll chalk it up to being part of my winter routine.  I knew it was going to slow down significantly.  I guess I just am not prepared to like it.  🙂

Rob is running a half marathon tomorrow….totally jealous, although I’m not jealous of the 11 degrees that it will be when the gun sounds!  I have been invited to this race… so even if my face freezes and my eyes are stuck open for a week I’m going and cheering and taking pictures!  Cold isn’t going to deter me.

So 2 runs and two workouts this week will have to be good enough.  some weeks are better than others.  Need I say more?




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