Joining the Winter ranks

Well, I’ve gone and done it… I’ve joined the local gym.  Maybe it should be called a “Fitness Center” since they have a pool and classes and sauna etc.  Sunday, Rob drove me there and we talked to someone about a membership for me.  He has been with me too long because he knows that despite the fact that it’s 9 degrees out today, I’ll run outside.  It’s the Ukranian in me that makes me like this.  I wish Ukranian could be blamed for everything but alas, all the rest is  just pathetically me.

Now, we cannot really afford this.  Let me say that again…we cannot really afford this.  I would just stay in my cellar using the eliptical machine and weights until March when Johnny and I (my son) begin training for the October half marathon.  Rob was pretty insistent that I do this.  I have many reasons about why but despite them I think I might like this gym thing.  I went last night for the first time.  Not afraid but feeling wierd to be in that environment by myself and feeling like I stuck out from the crowd.  I run as you know, however, as I mounted the treadmill I felt as if all eyes were on me saying ” go home newbie.  You look stupid”.  My Id fired back “eff off” demons and away I trotted.

I behaved myself on this stupid machine.  SOOOOO hate the treadmill because you don’t go anywhere, nothing changes and you never really get to a destination.  Despite this little problem I set my speed at a comfortable pace of 9:15 and set the incline at 1.  I know I know….1  WHOA working hard.  I figured for the first time on a TM and to not look stupid or really out of shape  I would take it at a pace I knew I could handle.  Bravo it worked.  So I ran 3 miles all at the pitiful incline of 1 and then stopped.  I was sweaty so I knew I worked at least a little.

I wasn’t ready to leave my new playground so I hopped on the bike and did 3 miles at a resistance of 6.  I don’t know anything about the stationary bikes so 6 seemed good to me!    Must have been a good experience because I went back again the next night and plowed through a Zumba class and then did 3 miles on the treadmill…  I didn’t make it long once I got home.  That seems to be a good sign to me.  Going to head over again tonight.  I think I might like this Gym thing.  🙂



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