The “DM”

I was chatting with a co-worker and friend of mine and mentioned how much I hate the treadmill.  She nodded her head and said that all her social posting where she uses the term “DM” refers to the treadmill or what she calls the “Dreadmill”.  LOL  How funny is that term.  I think it’s my new favorite phrase.  So as you know if you have kept up with reading my posts, I have resorted to running on the treadmill to save my husband from worrying about me becoming road pizza.  I was chatting with Rob this morning and we got to talking about how the “dreadmill” just isn’t the same as road running.  Now I fully agree with this and was further convinced of the difference when Rob said that he had to practically re-learn how to road run after his outside run yesterday.  I am not looking forward to resuming road running but only because I’m afraid it will be like starting over.  It will be fine I know but it’s the thought of feeling like I’m back to square 1 that bothers me.  Hopefully my winter workout, which is far superior to the last two winter workouts and more well rounded, will help make the winter-spring transition better.




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