Just waiting for the road warrior

I have been running on the treadmill for 3 weeks now….still hate it BUT it is still a workout. I have missed my outside runs and putting the TM on an incline of 9 doesn’t really make up for the lack of a good piece of tar but it does help you to sweat and I suppose it’s a workout in it’s own way. Yesterday I finally got outside to run and although it was only 3.8 miles, I smile each time I have gotten up today and felt that familiar tightness in my thighs that says “thank you! I’m glad we got to spend some time working out winter”
So despite the snow outside, I will rock Zumba classes and nautilus and the horrible Wavemaster class that I have yet to master.  Eliptical machines, stair steppers and stationary bikes (but not cycling classes- not ready to go there yet) and yes I will even continue to pound proverbial pavement on the gerbil track until better days arrive and I can go back to being a road warrior!  Winter is depressing.  Something I do NOT need in my life but this year it is much more tolerable because I am working out like a champion.  I’m about to take it up a notch …. maybe I’ll share with you.  🙂


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