Settling In

Well it’s now March and officially the Pre-Training for the October half is under way for my son John and I.  The weather hasn’t been great and this week he’s been sick so thus far the routine of running hasn’t taken place.  It’s a bit easier for me because I can run at lunchtime but with his schedule and tryouts for HS Baseball / Frisbee and Raynwater practice at night he doesn’t really have that luxury.  It’s ok and it is getting warmer so we will be able to start getting out there at 4:30-5:00 am.  I am looking forward to those runs as I love to be in the fresh morning air.

I’ve successfully stepped up my workouts.  

omgIn addition to running 3-5 days a week, I now do Zumba three times a week, nautilus once or twice, toning and ab workouts once or twice and now my other son James and I swim twice per week.  Swimming laps is much harder than I remember but we are getting better at it.  I feel well rounded and without the gym to de-stress I would be solely running.  I came from that world so it’s ok, however, it is so much better for me having a routine that is eclectic and works head to toe.  I reached my 3 year goal finally….duh it’s been 3 years!  LOL.

Running is peace, Faith is strength & dedication is motivation.



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