Feels Like Being Back At The Beginning

Last week I did my first 5 mile run.  THAT felt good!  What really felt good about it is running more than 3 miles.  So far I have been running 3 faithfully since March but it feels like I have a bag of rocks tied to me.  I thought maybe it was because I added Zumba, swimming and weight training to my routine and muscle is heavier than fat (never weigh yourself before your period…yeah forgot that!)  I actually have maintained my 155 pretty faithfully over the last 2 years.  Anyway, I finally found my wind in my 5 mile run which drove away the little gremlins that were sitting on my shoulder trying to discourage me.  One thing that is encouraging in what seems like the bottom of the hill to me is my son James.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I signed him up for the gym with me so he wasn’t home alone while I was working out.  Katy and John and Rob spend every night at the high school these days getting ready for this years play which leaves James at home.  He has done a marvelous job at working out and never complains about going.  He likes that he is feeling better and looking better and will be well prepared for his swim test for camp.  We work a lot on our core… he calls me sgt sit up LOL!  I’m proud of him for sticking with it and working hard.  He is one of my many inspirations to keep going and trying harder.  So today is happy because I know that I will be increasing my daily runs to a place where I feel good and also because I am helping my child to feel good about himself.  My kids really are my world.


me n james

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