Well I am not crippled

spinningLOL  I made it through a spin class today and I can still walk.  Now as a first timer I was at gear (resistance) 15 when the instructor was on 22 and 17 when she was on 24 BUT I did set it higher than a wimp I thought and I didn’t stop pedaling which is key.  The hard part for me was the up and down.  That was where I sat and pedaled several times during that routine.  I finished and for the first time out that was the goal…that and not to kill my legs so I couldn’t do Zumba.  I have now incorporated 2 spinning sessions into my weekly routine which is just about at max unless I go to the gym at 5 am but I’m good not going too crazy.  I liked the class because it’s held in the dark with black lights and everything glows.  It was a bit amusing to me because I had to get help like a 5 year old tightening my shoe straps.  I was a little nervous being the new kid but once the lights went out and the class began everyone was focused on the class.  The instructor was filling in for another girl but I liked her.  she made us laugh quite a bit, yelled when she saw someone getting lazy and encouraged us the whole :45 minutes.  My legs feel a bit tired but not hurtful.  Just the way I like to feel after a good workout.  I was a drippy slick mess but I didn’t make a puddle.  So one more thing off the health and fitness bucket list I’d say.



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