Smorgasbord of thoughts

mental chaosI started this blog thinking it would just be about my new spinning habit.  NOT so I changed the title to reflect the fact that it’s more of a mental vomit than anything else.  Here goes:

So it’s official, I am a spinning fan.  I’ve incorporated two classes into my weekly jam packed crazy schedule and hope to see some results mostly geared toward my bikini shape for the summer beach days that are coming.  So excited!  I’m about to shove my 3-5 mile runs to 5-7 soon as I need to be able to run a 10K in June…I probably could do that right now but I’m the person who, if I haven’t done it yet in the actual exercise that is coming (run 3+ miles for a 5K etc) then I just need to put down one or two and I’m settled.

I have turned into a recruiting fanatic.  I’m always inviting people here to come to spinning or Zumba with me because I think its so much fun.  Once in a while I get a taker and I always feel good that I’ve helped them with one day of better fitness.  I secretly hope they sign up so I can have minions at the gym not just James and I.  Speaking of minions, I set the kids up for a summer membership and I’m happy about that more for Katy than for John.  Since she quit softball there isn’t a lot of physical activity outside the play and I don’t want her to start feeling badly.  So I’m excited about being able to have the kids come with me.

So I’m looking into potential races in VA for when Katy and I head down this June (I hope June).  everything is 2 hours away from my parents house…is that lazy that I don’t want to drive that far for such a small race?  I feel like it is but maybe not.  I’ll keep thinking about it.

It’s time to step up my ab and leg routines.  I like the way my arms look but upper abs need some tweaking and lower abs are still sporting a little bitty bump of fat that I’ve hung on to since my 200 lb days.  I guess it’s the last to go… I’m ready for it to leave so I have to work harder.  Legs … gotta get em toned up a bit.  they are stronger than I had realized but they still look more on the side of 45 yo with 3 kids … I guess I should be ok with that but the Ukranian in me just  B*&^%  slapped me and told me to get on it right now!  LOL  So more work for me but I do love it.  I’ve even somewhat accepted that running doesn’t happen EVERY day.  3-4 days a week will have to suffice to keep up the rest of my workouts.

And finally, I made a new “booger” shake today.  I did this mainly because Rob hates the green spinach one.  It was yellow and had OJ, pumpkin, honey, banana, oatmeal, frozen peaches and ice.  not too bad but by the end of the huge cup that I drink I was glad it was over…. not a big fan of such a big glass of something with pumpkin in it.  I’ll continue the experiments but I would say that pumpkin isn’t on my most favorite list although I will use it again if need be.



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