Power of Positive Thinking

Just a short note that I left last nights spinning class feeling like I kicked Ass!  I don’t know if the bike wasn’t calibrated right but I stayed with them the whole time and all but once was either at or above the gear they told us to be in and I felt like it was too easy.  Now I’m not sure how long it takes to “get used to” the class so you don’t feel like you are dying but I must be past that point after 5 classes right?  I have learned that my legs are stronger than I thought and envisioned but that isn’t surprising since I run and go to the gym, take Zumba and swim.  I guess this just was the proof I might have been looking for.  I think next week I’m going to step it up on the gears to make it just a little bit harder to see how I do.  For now I feel super.

Tonight my oldest son is coming to the gym with me because A) I bought them all a membership which has not been used once to date…2 weeks and counting.  B) James is camping this weekend and won’t be around.  Now Johnny is in better shape than James so we’ll see what he has to say about my little routine.  Will I be Sargeant Sit up or won’t I?  We will soon see!

I got a nice little 3.06 mile run in today but then I ate a VAT of ice cream.  Yes a vat:


I think I earned back all the calories I lost running …and then some.  LOL  it was worth it, besides I’m going to the gym for weights and lap swimming so it will all work out in the wash wouldn’t you think?  Anyway, tomorrow is another day!



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