Three Stooges

So I mentioned that my other kids were joining me at the gym through August didn’t I?  Well if no, I’m now paying for them so they are.  Having more than one kid at the gym with you is just like being at home.  This one out does that one, the other one gets his feelings hurt and pouts. One knows everything, the other is drinking my water.  I lost most of my focus last night but managed to get a decent workout in followed by lap swimming.  I hope they settle into their own routines and leave me alone there or stay with me and focus on doing the workout instead of bickering.  We sound like the Three Stooges… people are smirking around us because they think it’s amusing watching me try to keep them in line.  it’s rediculous.


I warned James that if he didn’t focus on his workout really hard and get the foundation for a strong core down that when John, who is in much better shape, got there he’d raz him.  Well James doesn’t like it when the workout hurts…um hi.. that’s what a workout is for right?  driving weakness out through hard work.  That’s how I see it anyway.  Well that’s where we are.  John keeping up with James who has been coming to the gym for 3 months.  James getting mad and pouting or doing extra just to show John up, risking hurting himself.  Me shaking my head and trying to encourage each to stay within their own limits.  God help me through the summer!  LOL  Should be interesting.


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