I Don’t Get It

So this week my two older kids are actually finally going to the gym.  Yes it was a waste of May’s membership but I won’t complain.  What I will complain about is the whining I’m hearing.  I don’t get whining about working out.  Really?  You are going to the gym to get in better shape.  Did you NOT know that you would be sweating and sore?  What did you think by walking in the door you’d automatically be transformed into a hard body?  Come on now!  My attitude is shut up and do it.   I didn’t lose 50 lbs by wishing I would lose it.  no_whiningI spent countless hours running and now I have added many hours at the gym each week to get in even better shape.  I’m there between 4-6 days per week and have a routine for each day. I’ve added weights, swimming, zumba, toning exercises and cycling to my running which happens 3 -5 days per week.  It is the entire generation of young people these days that have this crazy entitlement thing going where they want everything but don’t want to work for it.  Eat junk food in secret and wonder why they aren’t losing weight.  Whine about how sit ups hurt and keep stopping every other one and wonder why they still have a marshmallow gut!  I just don’t get it but I don’t come from that mentality.  I come from a world where if you want it, you go get it and nothing can get in the way.  A world where creativity to achieve goals is a requirement sometimes.  A world where you work hard for what you have because no one is going to help you achieve goals.  I would like to see more drive to achieve and hope it is not a summer of whining.


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