fitnessMaybe my last post called to the gods of mercy.  Why you may ask?  Well it seems my daughter, God love her soul, has found the desire to exercise.  Well, let me rephrase that.  She has found the desire to wear a bathing suit this summer, a bikini, and now is self motivated to kick her own butt!  She now has her own little routine that she does at home.  She doesn’t like to go to the gym on her own quite yet.  She comes with me and does Zumba, weights, swimming and now spinning.  I’m so proud of her and kind of giggle when she asks if there are cute boys at the gym!  Whatever motivates you I suppose!  I’m also happy to have company and will like it more when she isn’t telling me to be quiet in spin class when I try to race her.  I’m grateful all the same and say prayers for the little gifts of grace I get in life.  Can I call it grace?  Probably not but that’s the category I’m lumping it into.

Now on to healthier eating but one thing at a time!



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