My New Toy

GarminI have a wonderful new toy thank you to my family.  Yup there it is my new Garmin Forerunner 110 running watch!  Although I still have to carry my phone, and I hate that, I love not having to set map my run while shoving it into my running sleeve.  That is a bit of a pain.  The watch is great because I can once again see my splits so eff you Map My Run.  I will say that I do miss MMR in tracking all my workouts in one place but you know, who really cares but me.  No one!  So I’ll mess around with it to see if I can finagle it to keeping track of other things as well. It’s really easy to figure out. lightweight and easy to read.  It has an illumination light if you need it and beeps the first few mile marks in my runs.  I don’t really recall hearing it go of every time but sometimes I’m lost in thought and not paying attention.  I like that when it marks a new mile the mile tracker and overall run duration seems to start over but then returns to tracking your entire run duration.  that way I can tell if I’m on pace or not.  It’s a great gift.  THANK YOU ROB, KATY, JOHN AND JAMES!  I LOVE YOU ALL!

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