Trying New Things

Well, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up yesterday for a 10K race while I’m in VA with Katy visiting my parents.  There is NOTHING to do there except visit, eat, sleep and watch the clock tick.  I wanted to do something fun for myself while I was there that wasn’t 3 hours away.  Luckily I found one that is only an hour away.  Now I am a little nervous about not knowing the route or elevation and the temp is bound to be on the high side in the 80’s but I’ve run that before and been ok.  run for justiceThe map states the run is oober flat so this should be pretty smooth.  Hopefully there’s shade.  I do wish it started at 7:30 not 9 but for $20 and a t-shirt I won’t complain.  So, for this race I am going to set a goal of 54 minutes for this race.  I ran a local race in 85 degrees on a course that was a bit hilly and finished in 58:55.  The year before I ran in chilly, rainy weather and finished the same course in 54:11.  Because this is a new course but will be on the hot side I want to try and push myself for a heat PR.  So it’s done and I’m excited because this race is the first race I’m doing not to prove something.  I’ve run 5K’s and 10K’s before for work.  Those I did to make my employer look good.  My half marathon I had mission of determination and was basically doing it to get rid of bad juju that had been following me around.  Now it’s not all gone but that race was something I needed to do.  I’ll say that this race is now just a nice little race that I can use as a ramp up for my half in October.  I would like to run a few local before the half especially since Johnny is a new runner.  This one is totally and completely for me, for fun because I want  to.  Makes me smile!



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