If Anyone Can Do It, Sam Champion Can! It’s All In The Name!

So as I ran my training run this morning in 70-ish degrees, hazy and humid I thought to myself that I really would like to have an overcast day for my half marathon on Aug 9.  Hmmmm have I made a mistake in boldly signing up for a race in a state that is in the south?  Have I lost my marbles running a route I’ve never seen with a hill so much bigger than anything I’ve run before?  Am I OUT OF MY BLOODY MIND?  As I sit here writing this I think the possible answer to all of these questions is yes.  On the one hand I am excited to do something that no one I know has done.  How cool will it be to run a race where my family will be able to see me cross the finish line?  How awesome will it be to finish.  Me being me won’t back down.  I signed up knowing the challenges and well my pig headded Ukranian self talked me into it again.  I love a challenge and I don’t believe, barring certain obviously impossible things, in using the “C” word (Can’t).  I do whatever  I set my mind to do period.  Just the way it’s always been.  In my post sign up stupor I don’t hesitate however to say a little (ok BIG) prayer for reasonable weather and yes I’ll regress to the days when fairy tales were real and dragons existed by virtually asking the one person whom I believe to have a divine power of influence with the weather Gods to put in a good word.  Who is that you might ask?  Why, SAM CHAMPION OF COURSE!  Sam Champion whom I love and think is just about the greatest, funniest, nicest weather guy on the planet!

samcWhy wouldn’t he be the answer?  His last name touts success and awesomeness.  How could I go wrong?!  Not possible that this is a wrong path and let’s face it what could it hurt just to put it out there right?  At the end of the day I’ll run, I’ll sweat, I’ll curse several times all of which will be directed at myself and of course I’ll finish.  I don’t think this one will necessarily be all about time.  That will be the Oct half that I’ve run before.  It’s about doing my personal best and having fun and enjoying the moment of doing something that will improve me inside and out and THAT is the real marathon worth bragging about.

So I’ll end my little rant by putting this request out there into cyberspace ” @SamChampion would you put in a good word for Aug 9th for me?”   I’d appreciate that 😉

To the rest of you, as always



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