Time For Some Goals

I have been blah blahing about my running experience for a year now.  I have written about good experiences and about some of the not so glorious moments of what seemed like defeat.  Yesterday felt like that as I was out on the road.  We did a race as a family Thursday.  The kids did the 5K and Rob and I did the 10K and it was a memorable night

Gillette race

Thus far in my running life I’ve run just to keep sane, keep the chubby at bay and find me time.  I have run races and a half marathon with two upcoming this year.  I ask myself what am I doing?  What are my goals?  Maybe I’ve graduated into an actual runner where I need to have purpose and set goals and not be all wonky and fly by the seat of my pants. Who knows.   So this week I am planning on doing some thoughtful thinking to decide what I want out of running and is it just more than just fitness?  Do I want a plan or just a fitness program that includes running?  Somewhere in the pit of my stomach I believe I want just a little more of a goal… something bigger to work toward.

I believe I’ve been inspired by myself to make this plan and think it out in terms of actual progression.  I didn’t think I’d be inspired by myself but I am part of my own inspiration.  The other part of that inspiration has been connecting with my running friends on Twitter.  I find that they are amazing people with purpose and they inspire me to be better than I am and who I was yesterday.  Good days, bad days, average days happen to us all but it’s nice to have a community to bounce stuff off every day and from whom I learn from.  Taking it to the next level because I want to and can.



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