Trial and Error

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I read a book on foods for marathoners.  What is my problem you ask?  I want to buy everything the author suggests,  that’s what!  All these great suggestions with so little time and definitely not enough Moo-Lah to cover the bill.  I’ll have to settle for alternating new things each week.

Green SmoothieThis morning I had the grossest shake after spin class that I think I’ve ever had.   It was a milky green color which isn’t my real issue, far less appetizing nonetheless.  It was a mix of:  1% milk, coconut / almond milk, banana, avocado, vanilla protein powder, mango, oatmeal, granola, crunchy flax with chia and good old spinach.  Yeah this wasn’t so yummy.  Now to clarify my palette for you, I like the not so yummy foods more than others.  I don’t mind things that aren’t sweet and I can tolerate even avocado which isn’t really my favorite thing but this combination won’t be making an exact re-appearance anytime soon.  Like an aquisition, some will remain together while others must go to another place and nare I drink that vile thing again.  I don’t mind green but that one is history!

Live and Learn and never stop trying new things!



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