Well That Myth Is Busted!

I have decided that walking does NOT relieve stress as well as running.  I always seem to feel better after I run.  I might not be totally stress free but I definitely have a new mindset after a run.  I was attempting to run off my attitude which I was once again force fed like some refugee in a POW camp.  I needed to do something on my non running day so I thought that walking might be enough of just the right thing so I headed to the track to ‘walk it off”.  It was hot and humid and I really was hoping just to sweat it out and feel better, lift the heavy load.  I walked and walked 2 miles which you may not think is far.  It seemed like a really long time.  When I was done I did NOT feel better.  Maybe I should have walked harder and farther.  Maybe I should have just run.  All I know is that it didn’t do what I wanted it to do like falserunning does.  Running obeys me.  Running is like massage therapy and mental relaxation.  So if this were and episode of Myth Busters I’d say that the question of whether or not brisk walking has the same effect as running is BUSTED.  Don’t get me wrong, walking is GOOD exercise to keep you agile and in better health than the couch potato’s out there.  It is not however, equal to the task of stress relief in my opinion.  Just my opinion of course!



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