myfitnesspalLast week I spent HOURS putting together a spreadsheet with formulas and researching calories with and without exercise which included multiple variations of exercise.  WHEW!  It was very time consuming!  I made one for both Rob and I and then one just for me.  It was rather elaborate and detailed and had tabs where I logged the foods I was eating with calories and fat for reference in my daily food log.  It worked for a few days but last night Rob mentioned to me myfitnesspal which I am finding much easier now that I’m using it.  It was a bit confusing for a minute because the id I set up on my mobile app actually wasn’t syncing with my web application.  Come to find out the web application had a different ID.  So now we are in sync.  I have goals and have logged foods and I can use web, mobile or itouch app and they are all coordinated nicely.

What I like best is that it automatically adjusts the calories to the exercises I log and my weight goals.  if I want to lose weight I change the settings and it automatically adjusts the calories per day for me.  As with any other app these days I can check in with my daily weight, I have email, I can blog..not sure about that one since I have already established this awesome blog!  You can add friends etc.  it’s great and you can run reports too.  There’s a news feed and a dashboard and it’s pretty easy to use.  LIKE!

So less work in an app where the formulas can’t get accidentally messed up is perfect, simple and quick.  right up my alley and I can do it on the run.  I’m always on the run!  Literally!  So if you are looking to track food for a marathon, half or just to track it for dieting purposes this one gets a thumbs up from me!



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