Missing The Extras

fitness word cloudI wonder if it’s normal to get so wrapped up in fitness that even though you are doing a lot, you miss the things you have to drop at times?  For example in my full schedule I run 4-6 times per week, do zumba three times a week, spin twice per week and also do weights and lap swimming twice per week.  That’s a ton of stuff I think but I fit it all in and I feel good about what I’m doing.  I’m not hurt or exhausted or depressed at the moment.  As long as those things don’t happen I think it’s all good right?  Katy is playing softball again this summer and as her mom I want to see her games.  A CHOICE I know.  The games are on Mon and Wed nights…my weight / swim nights.  Now they used to be my Zumba nights but since I am currently training for a half marathon in August in VA and I’ve been reading this nutrition book for marathoners (see last post), I’ve adjusted what I’m doing so I don’t hurt myself.  The author mentions not overdoing exercise.  As much as I’d like to re-route the routines I’ve dropped I know that I have to accept an adjusted routine because that is the right thing to do.  It doesn’t mean that I have to like it nor that I won’t miss it.  It’s better than where I was 3 years and 26 days ago and even on the light days it’s better than the couch potatoes out there. I suppose this is where the Older / Wiser stuff comes into play although I don’t feel either in the full or exact sense of the words.  Change is good.



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