11 Miles Seemed So Far

untitledYesterday I ran 11 miles per my training plan.  I was excited about my run because I like the route for a few reasons.  It just seems like a long run even though to you marathoners 11 miles is an itty bitty baby run.  To me it’s a milestone which I’ve run before but which I am still proud of.  It’s a nice run even though parts of the route are on a street with no houses…yeah kinda like Friday the 13th.  It’s a challenging run with some hills although they aren’t big by any stretch it feels like that part of the route is a constant and gradual uphill section.  My butt always feels it the first time through when I’m training.  I feel accomplished when I get to this run because I know my race is only 2 weeks away.  Very exciting.  It’s a race no one I know has run and I’ve never seen the route before except on Google maps street view.  It looks lovely for the most part.  I looked for the dreaded hill on the elevation map that I viewed but I didn’t see the monster hill anywhere.  Kind of an exciting unknown.  I wonder if people in VA will line the streets to cheer the runners on.  I wonder if it’s hot if people will pull out their hoses and spray us down as we run by or if there will be anyone with a table of watermelon available as we coast past.  Those few things happened to us in the Gillette Stadium 10K that we ran as a family a few weeks ago and I really appreciated those wonderful people because it was hot!

Eleven miles was a tough run yesterday.  10 was totally fine the week before and I wasn’t wiped out.  Eleven however totally annihilated me and I was exhausted for the rest of the day.  Maybe it was because it was the first time on the harder / new route in a while.  It couldn’t have been my kicks because those are new.  Well it kicked my ass thoroughly but to tell the truth I loved it because it made me realize that I worked hard for that feeling.  My splits weren’t too deplorable given my current pace.  I’m not heavier in terms of pounds because I’ve maintained the same weight for a couple of years, however, I have more muscle which is harder to lug around so I feel heavier when running.  I’m not sure if this attributes to my feeling of lead but it could.  I tried GU for the first time yesterday and I didn’t feel “different” but I didn’t necessarily crash either.  GU at mile 5 to prepare for mile 8 which at this point is my tired point.  I still felt tired at 8 and had a small LARA bar to help me finish the run.  I like those and I definitely think that helped more than the GU but like I said I couldn’t tell specifically if there was an “effect” from the GU.  I hate not seeing a distinct difference like I do with LARA bars or jelly beans but no crash has to be given it’s kudos in it’s own right.  I’d use it again I think but I’ll take a LARA bar over GU any day.

I’m also eating better / more, watching calories and fats and tracking exercise and working out at the gym as well.  At one point I lived on salad, water and coffee for too long and although I eat better now I probably was in danger back then for some real health problems given all the running I was doing, sometimes twice per day, with lack of food in my body.  I’m adjusting to actually eating  food and lots of it to stay as healthy as possible.  All this in an effort to feel better and perform better during my runs.  I’m holding my breath for the scale to start tipping in the wrong direction but I think I’m way past going back to the days where I just coasted through life in a daze not paying attention to good habits or health.  It’s all one big experiment that kind of makes me giggle.  Running saved my life and now it’s time to pay better attention to running and giving back to make it better.



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