A Beautiful Day

Female Runner at Dawn 460Today was one of those rare mornings in the Summer.  It was cool, not humid and very quiet.  I love those mornings because I think more about other things than about if I’m struggling to breathe or how tired my legs are from spinning the day before or how slow I feel that day.  My mind wanders as I run and for a few short miles my world is sane and uncluttered with work or kids needing me for something or schedules or other such things.  These are the mornings when I am glad I don’t have a running partner.  I like being with just me.  Not having a running partner means not having to check in with anyone when you don’t want to.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t check in with anyone, just that you don’t have to do it on command.  I always feel good about what I’m doing when I’m running because I know I’m making a difference to myself and that is really all I care about.  Spending time with myself is relatively new (in my 45+ years) for me and I am rather enjoying the relationship that presents new and bold characteristics every day.  It was a great start to my morning!



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