Sucking It Up!

This week I reluctantly bought another hydration belt.  I do have one and have tried it in the past but I hated it.  It wasn’t evenly made so it sat on one hip and bounced up and down.  Bouncing caused it to loosen up and ride up my waist pulling against my diaphragm and negatively affecting my breathing.  Totally hated tightening and moving it not to mention getting the large water bottle that comes with it, which by the way is the ONLY one that really fits in the holster well, in and out of its place.  So I discarded the belt and resorted to holding my bottle of water.  I HATE HOLDING THINGS when I run!  I also hate wearing my arm band at times because the fat on my arm (worse now that I have lightened my fitness routine so I don’t hurt myself for this race) squishes out and then we deal with mid run chafing with no bag balm to save me!  So up until now I wear the band and carry the water begrudgingly over whatever miles I’m scheduled for that day barring anything under 4.

Over the weekend I came across a belt that I’ve seen before and actually made fun of.  Kind of like when I made fun of dog lovers who cry when their dog died …until I was the dog lover and had to put my dog down.  Yeah, I regret having been THAT person.  Live and learn!  So here is what I bought:

nathan_beltThis belt is quite nice.  Not because it’s a designer brand but because it sits where it should sit and stays the hell put the entire run.  The bottles are relatively easy to get in and out of their places and the pocket in the middle holds my LARA bar and my phone should I have an emergency of any kind.  It wasn’t too heavy because I was already carrying that stuff in other places.  The water is divided to each hip.  I’ll just have to remember to alternate sips between the left and right during the race or one side will end up heavier than the other.  I haven’t run longer than five miles yet with it but I don’t foresee an issue.  I am actually looking forward to not carrying stuff 13.1 miles.  The temperature should be super for VA (predicted 67 degrees at the start fo the race with 71% humidity (uugghhh) and a 40% chance of rain.  I’ll take that luck over 90 |sunny | humid any day.  Good luck I’d say.  Should be an exciting day.



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