Factoring In Rest


I am now training for the October half marathon and hope that my son will be able to do it with me.  Last night we were supposed to run 3 miles (seems so small of a distance now!) but we opted not to because it was late, getting dark and raining.  Let me clarify.  Rob wanted us to forego and I wasn’t in the mood to push it so I chalked it up to rest.  I don’t rest a lot which I know isn’t a good practice.  Today makes day 5 for not running.  I will run the 3 tonight but it still is 5 entire days since my half marathon.  I guess I needed to have a reason to stay in last night so why not make it rest. The way I look at it, two training sessions back to back for two half marathons warrants a few days rest in between right?  RIGHT!  Just say right 🙂  So I have adjusted my gym / running schedule again for this training session.  It will feel really good to get back to the gym for some things other than spin.  I miss the gym a little.  Rest is over now get back to work!

Do you regularly add rest between training sessions?




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