Patience Is A Virtue Right?!

waitingI hate waiting.  It’s true I just can’t stand not being able to get what I want when I want it.  It’s a flaw I’ve lived with a long time for which I have learned to accept as a constant and manage as a habit.  I was so excited that I’ve decided to run 3 half marathons next year that I spent a tremendous amount of time in a short period trying to find the three most perfect and attractive races to run.  Problem is that 2015 runs are not all published yet.  I’d hate to choose three that looked good only to find out that the really good ones weren’t posted yet.  I could look at 2014 and find the three that look fun and make a mental note to sign up for them.  One will have to be in VA so I have that reason to travel down more regularly to see my family.  Sad that I need an excuse but otherwise life will interrupt and I’ll never do it.  I was just so disappointed that I really didn’t have all the information I needed to make my three selections NOW.  I set that goal of three races and wanted to kind of finish the process to say that I had done it and begin looking forward to it.  Alas no such luck.  If I want to find THE three I’ll have to wait a little longer so all of my choices are clear.  Patience is a virtue right?  RIGHT!  I cannot wait to pick my races.



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