Wow! Happy And Disappointed At The Same Time.

PR1So last night I had a sweet and sour night.  First and most disappointing, my son John finally realized that training for a half marathon during football season and school probably wasn’t a good idea.  He told me he can’t do it but I already knew that.  I was just hoping that he would do it anyway and I was looking forward to running with him.  Bummer but maybe in the Spring we can do one.  I don’t think it will be a matter of if but when.

So anyway, I invited a co-worker to run with me because running alone gets lonely and I thought perhaps I could inspire her to like running.  She’s not there yet but maybe I made a little difference in her choice to run.  Who knows.  Anyway, we ran my regular 3 mile loop.  She has asthma and I could hear her wheezing trying to breathe.  We stopped a few times because I told her we would go at her pace and stop when she needed to and we did.  I think she got a good workout because she was ready for bed when she got home.  I on the other hand made stuffed peppers and needed to get rid of the energy in me so I went back out for another 3 mile run.  It was getting to be dusk but by no means there yet but I must have had going quickly on my mind because I beat every pace I’ve ever run barring one but that was because I ran mad.  Mad running isn’t good for you but can have amazing results!  My Garmin clued me in each mile that I was doing very well but I only really believe it when I get home and plug it into the computer to see the actual and final splits.  Well there they are right there.  3 miles of sub 9!  I realize it was only 3 miles but holy Hell mile 3 was sub 8!!!!  I was cooking with gas baby!  haahaha  who would have ever thought that these short Ukranian legs could do a sub 8 mile.  Ok, so it isn’t an entire half marathon at that pace but for now it will do.  I think every once in a while every runner should have one of these surprising PR’s to make all the average and crappy runs worth it.  So for whatever the reason, I ran well last night.  Maybe I need a warm up run more often.  Who knows but it’s all good today!

Best time ever!




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