It’s A Two-Fer!

Once might be an anomaly but two runs sub 9:00 pace can be considered a trend or perhaps what IS trending right now right??!  Tonight I paid attention to how I felt wondering if I was “pushing” to reach sub 9. I felt that maybe I was a little but I wasn’t wasted at any point.  I didn’t want to stop so I just kept going at that pace.  I wonder how many miles I could keep that up for?  I think we shall see what Saturdays 5 miles brings.  Even into Mile 4 I was trending sub 9 so at what point will that break?  Maybe it won’t.  Maybe it will.  I’m just enjoying this nice little success.  Perhaps tomorrows run rest day will set me back to 9 or more.  Maybe Saturday will find me with a greater energy…after all I have now touched sub 8 which blows my mind!  Whether Saturday finds me back at 9 or finds my sub 9 super self shining through again is irrelevant to my motivation to keep training.  Would it be nice? YES.  Will it impact my determination? NO!  So we shall see what happens.  One never can tell about these things.  ha-ha!  Stay Tuned



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