Three Times A Charm!

third time is a charmWell I ran yesterday and did yet a third sub 9 run straight through the entire run.  So at this point I”ll just say that we are on a trend that may or may not change but I will not say that I have made an improvement of any kind just yet.  I will admit that if I can sub 9 for 3 then 3.5 then 4 miles that perhaps I can do that longer.  I’m still giggling that I have kept it up for more than even one mile but now I think I shall begin making an effort to see just how long I can make it at that pace.  There are many who do that pace without effort.  Those who trained their body from the very start to run at that pace.  To those people this is normal but for me it is a personal PR that I’ll put in my mental shaddow box of success’.   At the end of the day it makes me smile because I couldn’t do it yesterday and even if I had to work hard to get there again I know I did it once and could do it again.  My big goal is to run my Oct marathon sub 2:00:00 actually sub 2:01.  If I happen to do several sub 9 miles and crush that then so be it but I’ll take seconds just the same.  Another successful week with many personal goals that keep my head up when I have days that try to knock me down.




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