Brussell Sprouts – VETO!

brussell sproutsI tried cooking Brussel Sprouts last night for dinner…FAIL!   They are very nutritious for you and I did look up a recipe on how to cook them but I am not sure anything could make them yummy, not even the brown sugar I used to counteract the bitter taste.  I was hoping they would be a hit but um, all the kids hated them and even Rob kind of had that “I hate it” smile on his face.  Well you don’t know unless you try it right?  Maybe I need to try a different method than oven roasting.  There were two other options but this one seemed like the best that I read.  They were cooked through because I halved them.  I ate about four or five cut in half but the family didn’t like them at all.  They should get Kudos for doing as their mother has taught them and trying one half.  That’s all it took for the bitter beer faces to come out.  Kind of funny actually but I won’t make them eat them again unless i find a super recipe because I’m not giving up all together.  The problem is that they are bitter and I have to admit a little nasty tasting.  I have a higher tolerance for nasty tasting food than some so I at them but more because I knew I should not because I really liked them.  Live and learn and now it’s on to trying other new and exciting foods.


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