Kicking And Screaming

splitIt was one of those nights where I just didn’t feel it. I worked all day, ate all day, was just as happy to sit on my butt and have an off day. I couldn’t do it though partly because i was already on plan to run and training is training no excuses! Partly because those days were how I ended up at 200 pounds, miserable, depressed and searching for myself and answers. So I dragged my butt into my gear and off I went. Now you would think I would just shut up since it was just 3 miles but I still bitched about it nonetheless. I went out with half heart and just ran. Half mile I was huffing….guess I wasn’t listening to my voice of reason as she yelled at me to run slow. I meant to just jog like I saw another guy tonight running like it was some slow motion comedy jaunt that was effortless. Yes I wanted to be him tonight..the guy with his hair blowing in the wind and enjoying his run Like a piece of decadent chocolate cake. Alas it was not to be. I cursed every step and could not wait to finish. It just wasn’t going right, none of it! As my Garmin chimed each mile off I felt better..8:17, 8:37, 8:10 and how can the 9:15 pacer complain about that? So tonights moral is even when you don’t want to, good things can come out of it so just do it. NO EXCUSES!



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