Everyone Is A Hypocrite

hypocriteYes I am one too.  We all covet what others have at one point or another throughout our meager lives.  We criticize others like we are exempt.  We want what others have instead of appreciating what we do have.  We judge others when we ourselves are far from perfect.  We are so forgetful of reality and we are void of humility on too many occasions that it just seems that we as a society need a reality slap.  I know this is not a running post but it occurred to me that I am sick of reading about how hard something is whether it be raising kids, getting in shape, running errands or whatever .  Whine whine whine all the time.  Really??  This is called being an adult and whomever told you it was easy LIED to you.

There are challenges and disappointments in life.  Things we do and regret but we can’t sit around crying about them.  There are blows that we are delivered by those we love and trust that we either forgive and try to move on from or quit like imbeciles.  One foot in front of the other every single day is how we do this thing called life.  All I can say to the whiny, self centered complainers out there who CHOOSE to make things difficult is please focus on the good in every day. Your kids, a clean desk, money to put gas in your car, a quarter to get your kid that stupid pink slab of bubble gum once in a while.  Movie night with your family, the crocus that emerges first as winter makes its exit.  Clouds in the blue sky, rain that feeds your lawn, puddles to jump in, cribbage to play with someone special… my God there are so many good things to focus on rather than what isn’t right.  I’m not saying that this is easy or that you won’t have days where you just cry because you have a suck ass day but come on pick yourself up and move forward with a smile.  It is what it is.

I have been at the bottom crying and pissing and moaning and forgetting what was good in my life and thankfully I found a way to dig myself out before I made some very bad decisions.  I’m no saint but every day I get up and realize I can run when others cannot.  I have three wonderful children that I love and who are the absolute light in my life.  I would die without them to make me smile.  Just a hug or kiss is a gift that many can never have or threw away out of stupidity or frustration.  I have a home and food in the fridge, a grill out back and a washer and dryer.  I don’t have it all but I do have one spectacular life that I share with very special people that love me greatly.  I have a husband who is far from perfect but who has been with me through thick and thin, bad decisions, layoffs, depression, child rearing, bills and many other things that aren’t so fun.  He has made bad decisions too and we get through them together because we can see what we have and we appreciate every minute of the good.  We CHOOSE to focus on good and not let bad moments define the life we have nor do we choose to let them influence decisions that would only end up hurting our children.  We make the best of every day.  We love each other.  We forgive.  We are partners in this dramatic game called life and we appreciate rather than covet.  That is not to say we haven’t coveted in one way or another but it is not our focus.  We are human and life is short.  Get rid of your gray and black crayons that you are using to color life in and use the red, orange and purple!  Life is Good.  Believe me.  It took me a while to get back here but it is good and I CHOOSE to enjoy it to the best of my ability in my little human existence.



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