A Nice Spot

Well I didn’t think I would be taking a field trip today but on a whim here I am. It’s noisy but in a white noise kind of way. Chilly but only when the wind wisks through. Almost no clouds but so many people all doing their own thing..walking, riding, talking, sitting, all as part of my backdrop. The wind wispers in my ear telling me that the world is good and the day is mine. Everyone I see I wonder their story and why they come here. People coming and going oblivious of one another. Passing by eachother without thought. It must be mine to ponder today. The sparkles are pretty and they seem to stay on the backs of the ducks that mysteriously surface from below. White foam riding atop the ripples of the water like the lazy river almost in slow motion. Its like a picture…so pretty. The waves hit the rocks like a lullaby. Rhythmic and steady. Sometimes strong and other times so quietly. So much around me adding to the experience here that made my day brighter. Perhaps I’ll come again.


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