A Thought For A Sunday

So I’ve been thinking about this comment that my Aunt made to me…actually it was a text.  She said that she thought my spiritual gift was encouragement.  Spiritual gift?  I have that?  Well I guess I never thought about that until now of course.  Now I feel like I have to read the bible to find out more about that.  Now I’m AWARE of a possible truth.  Oh the up and down side of being “AWARE”.  My Aunt is someone who has found God in the later half of her life.  She’s not old but the last 10-15 have brought about a new focus for her. She is a wonderful person to know and I am so happy to be getting to know her better even though she lives far away.  Now, I have gone to church my entire life from birth through the time I thought there were 60 Disciples (LOL) and beyond.  If this thought to me isent s indeed true, Is it true that to perfect something we need to become “aware” of it first?  I believe that there are things, which if left undiscovered, never become reality.  If however we are in tune with our perception and what some might consider a sixth sense or whatever you want to name it, I believe our lives change in one way or other and we “Find” our real self.  Do we need someone to tell us about it?  Well in my opinion, I don’t think we should but I am one that has needed a nudge of one type or other throughout my life to become “aware”.

So now my thought drifts to thoughts about why I hadn’t known or thought about having a spiritual gift.  If she hadn’t said that would things be different from that very moment on or not?  Well I can say I am always encouraging.  I love to make people feel good about themselves.  I have always been better for others than myself..I think better for others, I have great ideas for others over myself many times and struggle when it comes to my own needs. I send out daily inspirational messages to a few select friends who I think can benefit from it.  I send out inspiration daily to my sales people to maybe make a difference in their outlook for the day.  I’m always trying to help my children think about others in a less judgmental way.  It’s always been that way for me.  So maybe this thought is a true one.  Do I have “divine” influence?  I think everyone has one form of a gift or another so I guess the answer in raw form is yes.  Dr. Wayne Dyer would agree.  His books are interesting.  I’ve read one and have another to read when I have time.

How we develop and color that divine gift is the interesting thing.  Will that small statement from my Aunt change me?  No I will still be encouraging and do my best to influence people the way I have all my life.  The question is, does this knowledge change what and how I do it because I am aware of it?  Not something I can thoroughly answer because it may at times happen subconsciously so one never knows.  I would like to think this thought that she gave me will stay with me consciously so that I can work on being a better person and do things that I know God would want me to do.   The challenge is encouraging myself to do more forgiving, loving, understanding etc.  I lack in that area a bit but there are reasons and certain situations where I just don’t apply it.

Some things I wish I never became aware but others like this little thought nugget is one I’m glad to put on my daily ponder list.  I wish it were a running day so I could ponder it as I ran but it’s an off day so I’ll find another way to ponder thoughtfully.  So my note for you today is to think about what your spiritual gift is.  Find it and use your life to perfect it.  It will never be perfect but we aren’t perfect beings.  Be the best you that you can and seize each day and be the best you that you can.  I leave you with 7 Lovely Logics that seem to fit this post well.

7 logics



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