Fall Has Arrived

pantsWell it’s finally happened…I broke out my winter running pants.  I was happy to put them away in June for running shorts and capris and tank tops.  The very distinct running tan was beginning to surface and I no longer needed a jacket.  Oh how I loved running in the warm weather.  Today I brought my old friends back from their secluded resting spot in my dresser and welcomed them back.  I do love running pants in the winter.  Maybe they were responsible for my 7 great paced miles.  Maybe the early day was to be thanked.  Either way it was a good morning.  I am tired now and I don’t know if its from my run or just from a day of running around but I am ready for bed and am looking forward to next weeks activities.  So fall is here and long sleeves and hats, gloves and jackets have taken over for the tanks and capris but I am happy that it is.  This week is better than last and the one before that.  I see improvements in my ability for the first time in a while and that makes me feel proud and invigorated and motivated to take on whatever comes my way next.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  My least favorite day of the week.  The one that challenges me to my very core.  I’ll be happy when Monday is here and it is time to run again.  Running is my peace.  My place to think, vent, zone out and just ignore the world for a few short miles.  Thank goodness I look forward to Football on Sundays.  It’s a break that sidetracks my wandering mind.   I Love Football.


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