Somedays It’s Tough At 10!

Me on the bike                   Not me on the bike

me on the bike          not me on the bike


I was a drippy mess in spin class today but I think I earned it.  I pushed the limits of what I could do more than I usually do or at least that’s how I felt.  I was up at 12 and 15 and following directions like a champ!  I was huffing and puffing and nearly did one of those awful random shout outs that some people do that I can’t stand.  Some days gear 10 is hard and I feel defeated.  Some days 18 is my tough spot.  Today it was more toward the latter and even though my thighs were on FIRE I kept pedaling.  Maybe it was because the ginormous guy next to me with seeming tree trunks for legs was making it look easy and I was a sweaty pig next to him.  I refuse to give in or back down so I always find a reason to keep pedaling even if its not having to go home to my family and admit i didn’t give it my all.  If I tell my kids to give 110% then I most assuredly will be giving 120%!

When class began today I got to gear 10 and wondered for a second just how long it had been since I had been in class.. Did someone tighten up the gears on this here bike on me?  Kinda feels that way but that would be rude to ask so it must be me.  As class progressed through the playlist and Kellie kicked our asses all over the spin room I began to feel better and stronger.  I made it through gears 10, 13, 15, 17, 18 and all the way to 22 or 24.  At that point I was blinded by the gripping heat that my legs were emitting just attempting to get the pedals to go around.  I find that even though she tells us not to lean on the bike I am gripping the handle bars like a water ski handle.  No I’ve never been water skiing but I can imagine the death grip one must have to keep on that bar.  That is me at gear 24.  At gear 24 I also find that I have to be mindful of relaxing my shoulders.  I always forget and find my shoulders shrugged up around my ears when they should be relaxed letting my legs do the work.  I can feel the tension that created today even now.

Spin is like life.  Sometimes it’s harder than other days and then there are the easy peasy days that flow like a stream.  Take one, take them all as they come and do the very best that you can on that day.  Try to be positive no matter what is happening and accept the days where you don’t have quite as much to give than others.  Bad days do happen and all you can say is I’ll do a better job tomorrow or the next time I’m here.  No one is perfect and life is meant to be a journey where we learn from our experiences and hopefully apply what we learn to improve ourselves.  I find that I have so much learning and improvement to do.  Some days more than others but that’s par for the course.



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