Life Is Good

life is good runnerI got into Twitter because I had to…it’s my job.  I never paid much attention to it in terms of actually using it like I would Outlook or Excel because until three or four months ago I only had one for work.  I posted to it and looked through it as I should but never really thought of it as a personal tool.  I set up my own personal Twitter account a few months ago because work is work and although I do love work one cannot truly be themselves and have fun with a work Twitter.

One of the first things I did was to participate in a running chat.  These are fun and are based on hashtags to easily identify the conversation.  They last about an hour  and usually the moderator asks between 4 and say 8 questions.  I wanted to see how that was actually done and who participated.  Loved it!  So many people of so many different fitness levels and accomplishments and goals and so much valuable information is passed along about the topic of discussion and sometimes other things too.  I was  impressed.  So I have a new hobby.  Twitter.  I have gotten to know people whom I have never met.  Funny thing is that they are just like me.  People who run and have good and bad days.  People who have reached goals and have been defeated. People who are up at 5 am for a run because it is the only time they can.  People who take zillions of selfies that I find inspiring and amusing and well motivational.  Yup I now have an instagram account and I too take selfies and post them like anyone cares!

I have a few favorite Twitter friends whom I like to talk with these days because I just think they are awesome.  @cledawgs  @rungearguy  @arunningchick  @halfmarathonmel  and @kellykkroberts are my 5 most favorite to check in with in the morning and throughout the day.  Kelly is especially humorous with her blog about just everyday stuff that runners experience.  Sometimes its about stupid stuff which is really silly but so freaking funny that I laugh because my brain works like that too.  I like to see how ambitious they are compared to me..they make me want to do more and run every single day and strive for great things.  One of them is running an ultra (OMG that is not one of my desires), one is running a marathon soon and one is just “bright”.  I even met a mother of 6 who has run some ridiculous amount of marathons numbering somewhere upwards of 90 or something! These people brighten my spirits when I am low and I look forward to reading what they are up to.  They make me laugh and educate me on how to be a better runner.  We encourage each other when we don’t want to go running and laugh when we go out on a rest day because we just felt compelled to.    They answer many of my mental questions, post just the right inspiration when I need it and are always there no matter when I check in.  Maybe we’ll meet someday by chance.

We may not be running together but virtually we are because we are runners. As it turns out Twitter is actually more useful than just 140 characters.  It’s a community of people all getting through this crazy thing called life and Life Is Good!



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